The Easter Bunny has been rescued, and is now free!

Earlier this week, a North Texas woman noticed that something was seriously wrong with her Lexus.  So, like any of us would do, she took their luxury car to Park Place Lexus in Plano to get it fixed.  The technicians however, found that this woman’s car had an unusual problem that they have never seen before.

Jason Dill and Eric Barnes were the technicians on duty at Park Place Lexus when the women brought her vehicle in and were tasked with an unusual challenge.  Apparently, a small and fluffy bunny decided to make this woman’s Lexus it’s home, and became trapped under the hood.  These auto mechanics now had to find a way to safely extract the small animal from the vehicle without hurting it.

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Luckily, the bunny rabbit was not harmed in any way.  As soon Dill and Barnes removed him from under the hood, they released it into a field across the street from the dealership.  It’s not every day that you find a rabbit in your car.  Hopefully this little guy doesn’t hop under any more car hoods anytime soon.

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