A Texoma man is now in police custody after he allegedly tried to spit on several different individuals after being admitted to the hospital.

KFDX is reporting that last week, 39-year-old Richard Killian was admitted to United Regional in Wichita Falls, after he claimed he was suicidal.  After spending some in the emergency room he decided that he wanted to leave the premises. However, he was not allowed to leave since the hospital’s policy prohibits any patient who’s suicidal from exiting the building.   Killian attempted to leave anyways, despite not being allowed to.  When the hospital staff tried to prevent him from leaving, things turned pretty ugly.

Once he got into an altercation with the staff, he grabbed a cup of ice, and put the ice in his mouth.   While he was chewing the ice, a security guard asked him to spit it out.  Instead of spitting the ice back into the cup, Killian allegedly spit onto the security guard and other hospital staff members who were close by.  Fortunately, he was able to be restrained until the police showed up.

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According to KFDX, as soon as law enforcement arrived on the scene, they proceeded to question Killian.  He told the police that he only spit out the ice, because he was asked too.  He even stated that he wasn’t suicidal, and made the entire thing up.  Law enforcement then took Killian into custody and charged him with two counts of harassing a public servant.

Wichita County Jail
Wichita County Jail

Killian has actually been arrested eight different times in Wichita County in the past four years.  Since 2018 he’s been charged with a variety of different crimes including burglary. public intoxication, and a few different drug related charges.

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