Encounter at Texas Intersection: Unraveling the Bizarre Incident of the Barefoot Woman and the Bodysuit Lady

Once again, we're breaking down the video at the bottom of this article with no context whatsoever, and boy, do we wish we knew what led to this encounter.

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The Tweet says that a game of tag is going on in Southeast Houston, but that's obviously a joke.  Let's dive in!  

Scene Description

The video opens with two lady rascals standing on the median at an intersection in Houston.  One woman is barefoot, and the other one is wearing a very busy bodysuit.

Who spits?

The lady in the body suit is in a fighter's stance, ready to rumble.  The barefooted gal at first appears to not want any of that smoke, then she does the unthinkable; She hocks a loogie at the bodysuit gal.



Oops, I done messed up

As soon as the spit leaves her mouth, she knew she messed up.  Why would you think spitting at someone who already has their fists up ready to fight would be a good idea unless you were wanting to get the fight poppin' off?



The Chase

Bodysuit wasn't having any of it and immediately begins chasing the barefoot gal around the cars waiting at the intersection.  That's unfortunately where the video ends.  Check it out for yourself below and keep scrolling for the top comments.


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