A majore fire swept through an apartment complex in the Houston Area on Tuesday (March 25th). The $50 million luxury apartment complex, which was still under construction, was completely destroyed.

They say that the fire started small, and construction workers tried to put it out themselves, but the windy conditions that day made it spread faster and faster.

According to the Houston Chronicle:

"There was a report of a couple of guys working on the roof doing welding," said Houston Fire Department Deputy Chief Greg Lewis. "When our units arrived, there was a small fire and construction workers were attempting to put it out. There was sustained wind of 15 to 20 miles an hour, and it was a wind-driven fire."

One of those workers ended up stranded on a 5th floor balcony of the apartment. This was filmed by someone in an apartment neighboring the fire. We see as the fire grows faster and faster. The worker has to move to a lower floor as he waits for help. When the ladder trucks gets to him, he gets on and barely misses being hit by the structure falling. What a heart racing experience!

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