I didn't even know they could do that!

As if fire departments couldn't be any more awesome, it turns out they can.

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The lady in the video at the bottom of this article got a nice surprise when she called the city of Austin, Texas to apply for a demo permit.

A Do Run Run Run

TikTok user atasteofkoko is renovating a house in Austin and as one sometimes has to do when renovating, she needed to demo that bad boy.  After submitting an application to the city, the fire department contacted her and asked if they could "do runs" on her house, which is apparently a less-fancy way of saying "practice tearing sh*t up."


Skylights Baby!

The firefighters showed up with three trucks and an entire crew and quickly got busy. They busted out her ceiling which she is going to turn into skylights and tore up the garage door.


Free Labor!

I'm assuming this is something all fire departments want to do.  They get practice in busting walls and ceilings, and you don't have to lift a finger. Hooray!


Check Out the Video Below


@atasteofkoko Week 2 of our Renovation Series! The fire department showed up at our house but don’t worry it wasn’t to extinguish a fire! When we applied for a demo permit, the Austin Fire Department asked if they could do runs on the house to practice and we said why not! They were so grateful they were able to practice on a house and we’re so grateful for what they do for our city. #austintx #thingstodoinaustin #austintxtiktok #austintxfinds #austintexasthings ♬ 1901 - Instrumental - Phoenix

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