A live stunt on 'America's Got Talent' went horribly wrong, and the mayhem was all caught on tape.

Ryan and AmberLynn Stock were contestants on the show on Tuesday night. Their talent is Ryan's sword swallowing. They started out with him swallowing a curved sword. Then he moved to an arrow. Then things got really extreme.

AmberLynn took a crossbow and climbed atop a ladder. Ryan sat on the floor with a target in his mouth. AmberLynn was supposed to shoot a flaming arrow into the target, which Ryan would end up swallowing. Things didn't go as planned.

Instead of the arrow going into the target the show was slightly off and the fireball arrow hit Ryan in the neck! The cameras immediately cut away to a shot of the judges terrified reactions, so we don't get to see on TV exactly what damage Ryan ended up with.

Later on in the show, Nick Cannon, the host, came out and reassured the audience that Ryan was ok and was beign examined by EMTs on the set.