Looks like Josh Hamilton can shut up about Arlington not being a baseball town.

I'll be honest, I don't consider Dallas (Arlington) a baseball town. I think the order of importance goes Cowboys, Mavericks, Rangers, and Stars. You could maybe argue swapping the Mavericks and Rangers. The facts are the Cowboys are the most cared about and the Stars are the least cared about.

However, according to Wallethub, they have Arlington, Texas as a top ten baseball town. Granted, they're number ten, but still making it one of the best in the country. They looked at 31 key factors to determine the best baseball town. Things like how good the team is, ticket prices, how many teams are in the city. Minor league and college do count for that last factor.

You can take a look at their full survey for all the factors if you're curious. Arlington came in at fourth for most accessible stadiums in the country. I was honestly shocked by this next one. Arlington ranks third in the country for most engaged fans in MLB. I don't think we're watching the same games, but I didn't make the survey.

Top Ten Best Baseball Towns in the Country

1New York, NY
2Los Angeles, CA
3St. Louis, MO
4Atlanta, GA
5Chicago, IL
6San Francisco, CA
7Cincinnati, OH
8Boston, MA
9Pittsburgh, PA
10Arlington, TX

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