The monkey's name is Dawkins and he was on his way to an animal sanctuary in San Antonio. Looks like he wanted freedom a little quicker.

The technical name for Dawkins is a rhesus macaque. He was being taken from Boston’s Logan Airport to the Born Free USA primate sanctuary about an hour and a half south of San Antonio. Dawkins was in the baggage handling area of the San Antonio International Airport and somehow got out. You can see video from one of the workers in the baggage area filming Dawkins 'monkeying around' the area.

The monkey did have to be tranquilized but was still able to get to his new home later that afternoon. Born Free CEO Prashant Khetan is wanting to find out exactly how the primate got out of his cage because the only way it could have happened is from someone physically opening it. “As you can imagine, there are legal consequences to this,” he said.

American Airlines says they will investigate the incident.

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