The NFL playoffs are in full swing. The Super Bowl is only weeks away. If you're a fan of the Patriots, Broncos, Cardinals, or Panthers, you are definitely excited as you come off this weekend's divisional wins. But what if your team is one of the 28 that are not in the running?

Good news! You just need to jump on a winning team's bandwagon! In this video from FOX Sports, Rob Riggle, Betty White, and Joel McHale show some sad NFL fans how to decide which football team they are now a fan of. Just put on that new jersey and start cheering!

It's all a joke commercial for It's a pretty funny concept, but the biggest disappointment comes with that fact that there really isn't a site set up on Instead it takes you to the homepage for Donobi Internet Solutions.  Come on, Fox Sports. Next time, spend 5 less seconds on your robot graphics and throw up some html code. If something's worth doing, it's worth  doing right.

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