It seems like there’s a vending machine for everything nowadays.  I remember when you could only get a soda, or a bag of chips out of one.  But now they have vending machines for just about everything.  While out and about, I have seen them for electronics, movies, books, and even cars.   I’m still not sure how car vending machines even work, but they do exist, and people use them every day.

Well, an elementary school up in Burkburnett is getting a new vending machine, but it won’t be serving soda, or candy bars. Earlier this week, IV Evans Elementary School installed a unique book vending machine in their library.

The vending machine wasn’t cheap either.  In fact, it took the school’s librarian two years to raise the money just to buy it.  Proceeds from the school’s book fair sales went into purchasing the book vending machine.

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Not only will the book vending machine, encourage students to read, but they will also be used to incentivize good grades, and good behavior.  The books aren't free either.  Whenever students get good grades, or meet specific goals in class, they will be rewarded with a special coin, or token that can be used to check out a book from the vending machine.

I wish my school had one of these book vending machines installed when I was a kid.  Hopefully more schools across the state can get the funding to install these in every campus.  Not only do they encourage kids to get excited about reading, but they look cool as well.

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