Candid Rant Unveils Deep Frustration with Disrespect in the Classroom

I feel for the teacher in the video below.

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Teenagers are the absolute worst. I don't know what happened to set this teacher off, but at least the chair caught the worst of it.


Well Respected

People in the comments section who had this man as a teacher before say he is always really nice.

Keep scrolling to see the video.

Rowlett, Texas is part of the greater Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area, so it's a fairly large school. I went to a tiny, 3A school with about 500 kids in the entire high school, which, in my opinion usually means the kids are better behaved overall.  Rowlett High has over 2,000, so you can imagine there are more than a few turds.

Also, I was one of the turds in my school, so I would have probably been the one who set this guy off if I'm being honest.


Check Out the Video Below and keep scrolling for the best comments from X.


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