If you're going to the bottle on the first day of school it is going to be a LONG year.

Let's Head Over to Perkins, Oklahoma. Keep Scrolling for the Body Cam

Remember how easy the first day of school was as a kid? You meet your new teacher, you maybe meet some new kids, check out your new classroom. First day is a breeze. Well looks like one teacher was still in summer mode and decided to allegedly get her drink on during the school day.

53-year-old Kimberly Coates teaches third grade at P-T Intermediate School. At some point during the day, staff said they noticed some changes in Kimberly. The Perkins Police Department was called to conduct a sobriety check to see if she was on the job while intoxicated.

Watch The Body Cam Footage Below

Kimberly claims that she had taken some medication last night and that is why she seemed a little off on the first day of school. Then Kimberly claims that she had some drinks last night. The officer tells Kimberly if she had nothing to drink today she should blow zeros on the breathalyzer. Kimberly then blows .24 which is twice the legal limit.

Confronted About Drinking While on School Grounds

Kimberly claims she only had drinks around 3am the night before. The officer then does a field sobriety test and says she had to have some drinks in the past few hours. The interrogation goes on and people said Kimberly seemed fine in the morning. Then later on in the day folks started noticing Kimberly change. Leading to folks believing she was drinking while on school grounds.

Kimberly Gets Herself in More Trouble

The school administration and the officer were actually fairly calm with everything going on. They offered for Kimberly to call a ride. She clearly can't drive home blowing a .24. They told her to call a ride and come in tomorrow for a meeting discussing her employment. This will prevent her from being arrested.

Cup Found in the Classroom

At about the twenty minute mark, someone at the school goes to get Kimbely's purse and brings in a cup from the classroom. Throughout this whole time, Kimberly refuses to call someone and the officer has had enough at this point. Instead of Kimberly getting a safe ride home she was arrested into Payne County Jail for public intoxication.

The school district has released a statement to parents on the situation according to Fox 4 News.

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