When you're an eleven year old kid in isolation, you've got a lot of time to practice your skateboarding skills.

Tony Hawk set the skateboard rotation record at 900 degrees, that's 2 1/2 rotations, at the X-Games back in 1999. He landed it on his 11th attempt and after the games had finished, but he was the first in the world to land a 900 degree rotation and that record has stood for years. Until now.

Sure, Tom Schaar landed a 1080 back in 2012, but he was using a mega ramp and in the world of competitive skateboarding, that won't cut it.

Enter Gui Khury from Brazil. With schools closed, Gui had more time to focus on his training and it paid off big time. He just landed a 1080 on a standard vertical ramp. One thousand eighty degrees, three complete rotations. Of course he immediately sent the video of the event to some of his favorite skaters, including Tony Hawk.

It's a good thing this video includes the slow motion replay because that's a lot of rotations to count.

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