It's been years since I've heard the Bud Light Real Men of Genius commercials. They first ran in the late '90s and they were awesome. They poked fun at the things we do everyday in a way that we can all laugh along. Well they're back, and this time they're saluting the Stay At Home Humans of Genius like those among us who begin group sing-alongs from our apartment balconies.

Rather than celebrating the guy that made the giant foam fingers we wave at sporting events, the new series of commercials celebrates our genius at work while staying at home. Like the guy that invented the air high-five.

While the new Stay at Home Humans of Genius follows the same '90s pop rock music track with the overly sappy male vocalist we're familiar with from the original series of ads, it updates it with the things we're doing these days to keep ourselves occupied while working from home. Who hasn't wanted to share their favorite creative recipe with the whole world?

Another commercial celebrates something we've all done at one time or another, making up our own sports. As the pandemic grinds on we'll all have a pretty good list of made up games to play.

While my go-to beer is almost always a Shiner, I may need to pick up a six pack of Bud Light next time as a salute to the creators of these fun commercials ... and the Stay at Home Human Geniuses we've all become lately.

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