Well, we finally know what would happen if one of those cords broke while the ride was moving.

About a month ago, we shared a video of one of these rides breaking. The cords were being pulled and about to shoot the two people up into the air when, out of nowhere, one of the cords snapped. We all had the same thought while watching that video: thank God that thing wasn't in the air when that happened.

Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened in this next video. The ride shoots up one time, on the way back down, the cord snaps shooting the ball with the riders in it into the support structure to the right . That had to be scary as hell if you're in that thing.

According to reports, the couple in the ride were stuck for over an hour until they could get down. The woman broke her leg and somehow the man only received a few bruises from the ride.

I have a feeling these rides around the world will be going through a vigorous inspection this week.

Watch the Bungee Cord Snap on a Slingshot Ride Below: