I feel like it I went to Germany and told them I was living in Wichita Falls, some people would freak out.

To all of our good friends in Germany, why do you love Wichita Falls so much? My guess has always been it has something to do with Sheppard Air Force Base. Maybe some German pilots trained here back in the day? I say this because one of my favorite stories from back in the day is on the band Witchcraft. They wrote a disco song in Germany called Wichita Falls.

It always brings a smile to face every time I listen to it. Here I thought, this was the end of our German/Wichita Falls connection. Last week, I posted a song called Wichita Falls from an artist out of Nashville. I asked you guys for any other songs that mention our city. You guys named a bunch that I already knew, but one stood out.

Thank you to Michael Smith that let me know about a metal band over in Germany that calls themselves Wichita Falls. It's on YouTube page for someone called Matthias Buesing who says he is a part of the band. He has three videos related to the Wichita Falls metal band. The one above of a song off their album from 2009.

This is a video of them in the studio recording parts for a song called Landfall.

The final video is a live performance of Wichita Falls at the semi finals of the Emergenza festival at Knust, Hamburg. Sadly, Matthias says in this video, it is his former band. So it looks like Wichita Falls is no more...NOT SO FAST.

It looks like 2022 is the year for Wichita Falls to return! They just posted a new video on a different YouTube page called Wichita Falls Metal. Let's freaking go guys!

Looks like I discovered this band at the perfect time. If somehow these guys can make their way to us in Wichita Falls, some venue HAS to give them a set. Let's make it happen! I actually reached out to the band through their Facebook page and got a response to the band name.

Our singer is a tornado "junkie" and a often seen guest there in the US while he's on vacation. Our original band name was "Category V" but a german band with a similar name came up, he came of with the name of the city thas has been struck by a tornado a time ago.

The guys also say to check them out on spotify. Best of luck to the guys in the future and hopefully Wichita Falls rocks it across Germany in years to come. They're working on a new album right now and I can't wait to give it a listen.

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