Parents, want to throw an epic birthday party for your child free of charge? Get ready!

Fun Fact, I Worked for the Wichita Falls Chuck E. Cheese

Yup, for one summer I was the guy making your pizzas at our Chuck E. Cheese off of Southwest Parkway. The lore behind Chuck E. Cheese is actually one of the most depressing things you learn about working there. The story goes Chuck Entertainment Cheese was an orphan who never knew his birthday. So that's why he created a place where birthdays can be celebrated every day (I am not making this up, look it up).

Chuck E. Cheese Birthday

A birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese is not cheap. Basically you pay somewhere between $25-$35 per child depending on what package you get. If you invite your kid's whole class that can add up quick. Well good news, Chuck E. Cheese is giving away a FREE birthday party at every location, including right here in Wichita Falls.

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How Do You Sign Up?

Go to the Chuck E. Cheese in Wichita Falls this Thursday, (September 7th, 2023). You need to sign up between 6pm and 7:30PM. They will be doing a live drawing for a birthday party for ten children. They will also have five additional winners that will get $50 gift certificates towards a birthday party deposit in the future. So six people in total will be winning something this week. You apparently also need the Chuck E. Cheese app, so download that before you go.

What Is Included If You Win?

Chuck E. Cheese is going all out with this birthday party package. You will get everything listed below if you win.

  • All-you-can-play games during the party
  • A live birthday show with Chuck E. Cheese himself
  • A ticket blaster experience for the Birthday Star
  • Two slices of pizza per child
  • Unlimited soft drinks
  • Dippin’ Dots ice cream
  • Complete party setup
  • A reserved table for 2 hours
  • 100 bonus E-tickets
  • Goody bags
  • Pizza and drinks for adult attendees

Additional Free Play While You Wait to See Who Wins!

If you purchase 60 minutes of free play during this time of the contest, Chuck E. Cheese is giving you an additional 30 minutes on top of it. So if you don't win, you at least get some extra gaming time.

Birthday Kid Now Gets in For Free!

Chuck E. Cheese has brought back the Birthday Star promotion, which means your kid does not have to pay for their big day. If you book a party for at least ten kids. Use code BDAYFREE at checkout until December 3rd on the Chuck E. Cheese website to get your birthday kid's seat on the house.

For any additional info on the Big Day of Birthdays, you can check out the full statement on the Chuck E. Cheese website.

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