If you're someone who is easily offended, a standup comedy show is not for you. 

John Caparulo was doing a set the other day when he decided to make a Trump joke. Shocking that a standup comedian would make a joke about the president. Pretty sure every comic has at least one Trump joke ready to go at all times. John's joke was actually pretty harmless in my opinion. I thought it was pretty funny.

One woman in the crowd did not, in fact she told John 'F*** You!'. John gives her one right back and that is where it should have ended. You don't yell at a standup comedian, they're there for your entertainment. You should never become a part of the show and start talking to them. It may seem like they're talking to you, but they're trying to entertain that entire room of people.

John gives her a couple of harmless jabs like, "Are you his mom?' The woman threatens to leave and honestly I don't think anybody cared. The woman gets up, John says to suck his balls and that is when she threw her drink. I don't know if it was a bottle, but it was definitely glass. You can hear it shatter.

John, I think, jokingly grabs the stool to throw at the woman. Glad he kept his cool in that situation, I know I wouldn't have.

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