Some days it doesn't pay to get out of bed. That's probably what the pilot of this ship was thinking as he came in just a little bit hot to the dock.

It takes a long time to stop a cargo ship once it's moving and watching this ship crash into the crane at the loading dock is a lot like watching a train wreck in slow motion except that it's in real time. Even after the ship had taken out one of the huge cranes along the dock you can see the spray from the propeller as the engines kept on running.

It must have been an exciting ride on the bridge of this container ship in Busan, South Korea. Before everything stopped moving the Milano Bridge had collided with the berthed cargo ship, Seaspan Ganges, one crane had collapsed, two cranes had been derailed and one crane operator was slightly injured. The Seaspan Ganges sustained only minor damaged and was able to leave port shortly after this incident. Most likely wanting to put some distance between the two ships.

No matter how badly your day goes, you'll probably be in better shape than the guy driving the Milano Bridge.

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