A group of kids has a suggestion on a name change and an actual spokesperson for the company responded.

Blue Bell has some classic flavors in your freezer section. We're not here to debate which one is the best. One of the more popular flavors is The Great Divide. Which is one half of the container chocolate ice cream, the other half vanilla. An eight-year-old in Louisiana was having an ice cream party with his class and thought the name reminded him of a subject he had learned in school.

Which was the Civil War and he said the ice cream reminded him of the Mason Dixon Line. Which is the line between the North and the South during the Civil War. He said this flavor shouldn't be called a divide, it should be them working together. The teacher Traci Schmidley decided to use this as a learning opportunity. "We talked about how that was a divisive time in American history and the progress we've made since then," she said.

She then told the students while they were enjoying their ice cream to come up with a new name and she would put it on social media and see what Blue Bell thought. After a little discussion, the students settled on 'Better Together'. She put this little lesson on social media and it has blown up in the past few weeks. So much that Blue Bell actually noticed it.

"We were amazed when we read the letter, by their thoughtfulness and their compassion for all people, and we are humbled by their love of our ice cream," Blue Bell spokeswoman Jenny Van Dorf said in an email. "We are so impressed by them and commend Traci for providing the environment where an important conversation like this can take place. We love the idea of 'better together' and especially the thoughtful sentiment behind it," she added.

The President of the company plans on calling the teacher and setting up something with her class in the future. Does this mean the name 'The Great Divide' is gone forever? We will have to wait and see. I think as long as you don't change the recipe people won't get mad.

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