Holy trick shots, Batman!

At one point or another most of us have lined up dominoes and tipped one over just to watch the rest of them fall in sequence. Some of us have played the game Mousetrap with the crazy, Rube Goldberg style contraption that (hopefully) falls down on the toy mouse.

But very few of us have tackled anything on this scale.

While waiting for sports to start happening again, a young man named Creezy set up a 70 step process to pass a basketball through a hoop. Then filmed it all and posted it on his YouTube channel for us to enjoy.

From the starting point in his back yard he casually tosses the basketball through the hoop and lets it fall. That's the easy part. From there the ball goes on to trigger device after device and contraption after contraption. The sequence involves paint cans, wiffle balls, bowling pins, bicycle wheels, a miniature trampoline, a roll of tape, a boomerang, caution cones, a rake, a Hot Wheels car, a toy caboose, concrete blocks, and more, all ultimately leading another basketball that falls effortlessly into another basketball hoop.

The series of mechanisms and roller courses cover his entire back yard and the whole thing takes more than two and a half minutes to play out, but the joy on his face at the end will last a lifetime. He says in his comments that everything after the bicycle tire was pretty easy, but the early obstacles were quite tricky. You'll probably want to watch the video more than once to make sure you see all of the bits and pieces.

What are you doing with your extended time at home?


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