Deep down inside, you know you want a pair of these.

Fresh on the heels (see what I did there?) of their tasty mashup with KFC, the funny looking, comfy, squishy, sort of a sandal sort of a clog footwear, Crocs, has teamed up with the iconic springtime candy, Peeps, for the perfect accessory for your Easter attire.

The new Peeps Collection from Crocs is available in yellow, pink or blue and sized to fit adults and kids with the kids' sizes starting at $39.99 and the adult sizes inexplicably sold out.

The fact that there are three Peeps the toe of each foot has some commenting that they look like a colorful triceratops.

Easter Sunday is April 12th, so if you order yours now you'll have plenty of time to find something to coordinate with them. Assuming the adult sizes ever become available again.



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