How did this crystal clear swamp form in Dallas, Texas?

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He says this swamp in Dallas Texas is being formed by a water main leak, and this entire body of water is comprised of treated drinking water, and that it's a huge waste that needs to be addressed by the City of Dallas.  I have questions.  


Where's the Proof?

I used to be the Public Information Officer for the City of Wichita Falls, Texas, and let me tell you, people were always coming to us with wild accusations.  Countless times, someone would come and sign up to speak at City Council meetings and accuse the city of all sorts of things. Usually, they were flat-out untrue, just something they conjured up because everyone loves to hate city officials.  A lot of times, the concern was valid, but a solution was a lot harder to figure out than the citizen comprehended.  Maybe it would cost tens of millions of dollars to fix this, and having a cool little swamp you can kayak in isn't a bad deal if it can't be fixed.

Pretty Cool

It's actually kind of cool! A clear swamp with little nutria running around?  Seems kind of awesome. But if it's costing taxpayers money without them knowing this is happening, it does need to get looked into.  

Check It Out

You be the judge, check out the video for yourself below and keep scrolling for some of the best comments from Twitter.


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