It's without a doubt my favorite part of Thanksgiving, the Cowboys game. Let's take a look at the new Los Angeles Chargers.

Since I moved to Wichita Falls in 2007, I have gone to every Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving game. It has become a tradition in my family and look forward to this game every year. This year the opponent is the Los Angeles Chargers who are sort of the forgotten team in Los Angeles. Currently playing in a soccer stadium and not really drawing a big fanbase.

The Cowboys have only faced the Chargers ten times and the Cowboys have won six of those games. Four of those were on the road when the team played in San Diego. Most of the games against the Chargers have been close. Six of them have been decided by six points or less. The other four games were kind of blowouts with the victors winning by at least two touchdowns.

The Cowboys currently have a .500 record against the Chargers in Texas. They sit at 2-2 against them. The Chargers are just one of those teams the Cowboys don't see a lot. They have only faced three other teams less than the Chargers. Houston (four times), Baltimore (five times) and Jacksonville (six times).

A Cowboys win would currently snap a two-game losing streak the team has going, also snap a two-game losing streak against the Chargers. Up the 2017 record against the AFC West to 2-1 and the overall record to 24-22.

The Cowboys currently have a 30-18-1 record on Thanksgiving games. If you look at that record, you notice this will be the fiftieth game the Cowboys have played on Thanksgiving. Pretty cool anniversary and hopefully the Cowboys get a win. The Chargers have never played the Cowboys on Thanksgiving.

Kickoff is set for 3:30 in the afternoon and pregame will begin at 2:30. You can listen to every Dallas Cowboys game on NewsTalk1290. As always, Go Cowboys. From all of us up here at the station, have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

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