Looks like the blackouts are over, at least for this season.

Let me get this out there off the bat, I hated these NFL Network exclusive games. They started out over a decade ago and they screwed fans like myself who don't have a good cable package. A lot of bars do have it, but if you're under 21, too bad. Here in Wichita Falls I only know Parkway Grill and Buffalo Wild Wings had it if you were under 21.

They were always packed shoulder to shoulder for these games. I drove to Decatur to watch a game because they were in the Dallas viewing area. Yes, I started driving to Dallas until I hit the viewing area. Thanks to the Decatur Chili's for dealing with my crazy self in 2007.

Every year when the schedule comes out I mark the NFL Network game. You may know the Thursday games have been broadcast nationally the weeks before Thanksgiving, but after they would normally go NFL Network exclusive. Of course, the Cowboys Thursday game (sometimes Saturday) was ALWAYS after Thanksgiving so I had to scramble to find a place to watch the game.

I decided to check my guide this week and it said the game would be on. I contacted someone at KFDX our local NBC affiliate and she assured me the game is on here this year. I don't know what changed in the NFL contract for this 2017 season, but I am glad to see these NFL Network exclusive games are gone.

Your Dallas Cowboys games are always broadcasted here in Wichita Falls on the radio on NewsTalk1290. Kickoff is set for 7:30.

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