I for one welcome him back with open arms.

This week DeMarcus Ware was at The Star in Frisco for a Dallas Cowboys fundraising event and at one point in the night, he mentioned he would like to be a part of this team. No, DeMarcus wouldn't be pulling a Jason Witten and getting back on the field. DeMarcus would like to be a consultant on the team throughout the week.

He said, "If I could come here at least two or three days a week, teaching them Wednesdays and Thursdays, teach the pass rushers how to pass rush, stopping the run -- but then I always help the offensive line, like (left tackle) Tyron Smith, with their technique (too)."

DeMarcus spent nine seasons in Dallas and in that time became the Cowboys all-time sack leader. He would close out his career as a Bronco and would get a Super Bowl victory with them. He thinks Dallas has everything they need to get a Super Bowl as well and he just wants to help the team out.

According to Jason Garret, something like this was in the works last year. "We did talk about it (a consultant-type role) last year. It just has to work for both sides, what he's looking for, what we're looking for from a role like that. But suffice it to say he's always welcome, and if we get to a point where it makes sense for both sides, we'll definitely bring him back and get him involved. He's a special guy," said Jason Garrett.

Hopefully, they can work out some kind of deal. Demarcus Lawrence learning from DeMarcus Ware sounds like a lethal combination. Come on Jerry Jones, make it happen.

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