'Game of Thrones' premiered last night and everyone was talking about it. Did you know George R.R. Martin put a Cowboys fan in one of the books? 

A few years ago, George R.R. Martin made a bet with his friend who is a fantasy sports blogger. Patrick St. Denis a diehard Cowboys fan made the bet with Martin that if the Cowboys placed ahead of Martin's Giants, he had to be put into the book. Martin actually won this bet two years in a row and I am not sure what Patrick had to do for him.

After the third year of placing this bet, the Cowboys finally surpassed the Giants in the NFC East standings at the end of the season. While Martin was writing the fifth book, 'A Dance with Dragons', he invented a new character. Ser Patrek of King's Mountain, who is obviously named after blogger Patrick.

Ser Patrek's clothes "are of white and blue and silver, his cloak a spatter of five-pointed stars." Sounds a little familiar right? That is definitely the Dallas Cowboys colors and logo. George R.R. Martin got the last laugh in my opinion. Ser Paterek was viciously killed by a giant.

So in the book, the 'Giants' end up beating the 'Cowboys'. Nice touch Martin.

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