One of my favorite stories that kicked off 2021 was of Stinnett, Texas Police Chief Jason Collier. If you don't remember his story, let's do a quick roundup.

Back in January, the small town of Stinnett gained national attention when their police chief was accused of living a triple life. He allegedly had a wife and two girlfriends. Sounds like an episode of 'Jerry Springer'. One woman claimed that she was engaged to Jason, while he had a wife and kids. This woman also found out he was dating another woman as well.

Jason Collier did get himself in some actual legal trouble with this little scheme. He actually forged annulment paperwork to show the one woman that the marriage was off. Forging government documents is a felony and Jason got himself arrested. He was also fired from his role as the Chief of Police in Stinnett.

Honestly, this whole story has a lot of moving parts and it's tough to keep up with everything. Good news if you want more. A book is out this week that apparently tells Jason's side of the story. It's called ‘Texted Lies, Whispered Truths: Jason Collier’s Story’

The description for the book reads, “It started with one simple picture shared on social media. Something that happens almost every day in almost everyone’s life. But for Jason Collier, that one little photo turned his world upside down. The then-police chief of Stinnett, Texas, found himself as the butt of a weary, embattled nation’s jokes.”

So if you're someone that was obsessed with this crazy Texas drama, you can get even more.

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