Bet you can’t guess which city here in the Lone Star State parties hardest. 

As someone who imbibes, I was intrigued when I saw the financial website 24/7 Wall Street put in the work to figure out which city in each state was the drunkest. Mostly because I wanted to see if my hometown happened to top the list (it did not).

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Now, I realize there are those who would be ashamed to find out their city was the drunkest in the entire state. But not me. It would be a hell of a conversation starter. 

Some folks would probably even wear it as a badge of honor. And while I’m not in that camp, more power to you if you are. I love to have a good time, but I never strove to be the drunkest person at the party. 

When I first saw the headline for the story, I figured it had to be Austin. Our state capital has a ton of bars, a vibrant nightlife, and lots of college students. But that would be wrong. 

If you’re thinking the drunkest city I the state would be a part of a major metropolitan area, think again. The closest major metropolitan area is about an hour away. 

So, just which city is it that tips more than any other city in our state? The answer is Sherman-Denison.  

21.1% of its residents admitted to drinking excessively, which is higher than the statewide average of 18.6%. In addition, the rate of countywide driving deaths involving alcohol is 23.6%, which is lower than the statewide average of 25.4%.

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