Eagles fans living up to their reputation as the worst fans in the NFL.

The Philadelphia Eagles maybe champions, but these two fans are a couple of losers. Robert Valenti and his wife Kristal have been charged with child neglect by the Flagler County Sheriff's Department. Robert and Kristal went to a local Florida bar to enjoy the Super Bowl since their Eagles were in the big game. The establishment didn't allow children in it past 6 pm.

Your average parent would probably try to find somewhere else to watch the game. It's the Super Bowl, pretty sure any place with a TV had it on that night. Robert and Kristal stayed at this bar, leaving their six-year-old in the truck. Kristal says she would periodically check on her son during commercial breaks. Police said there were several gaps of time where the child was left alone for an extended period of time.

When confronted by police, Kristal said, "This was a very big event." She even tried to fist bump cops since her Eagles were doing good in the game. They were not having it. Kristal and her husband were arrested at the bar.

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