So apparently kids today are biting into Tide Pods for internet fame. So, of course, people are going to duplicate it in awesome ways.

So I was originally just going to do a post on this new donut from Hurt's Donut. They have locations across Texas and Oklahoma if you ever want to go try them. These guys loving hoping on internet trends, you may remember they used a creepy clown to deliver donuts when the movie 'It' was out.

Hurt's Donut is at it again with a Tide Pod donut. It's got the orange and blue icing shaped like the Tide Pod. Looks like some people are boycotting Hurt's Donut because of their joke. I love it. Then I come to find out other establishments have created Tide Pod items as well.

Duff's Brooklyn created a Tide Pod shot. This one doesn't work for me. It's red in that shot glass. Tide Pods are orange, get your colors right Duff's and get back to us. I guess the blue could be the actual detergent? Use the Blue Caracao and some orange soda, BAM Tide Shot. Someone get me my bartender's license.

Finally, maybe my favorite one is also from New York. Vinnie's Pizzeria created a Tide Pod pizza. Looks like the boys at the pizza shop busted out some food coloring and put them on the cheese and some peppers. You know with it being a New York pizza shop it's gonna be some damn good pizza as well.

By the way, if you're reading this and offended by these items please take a joke. Don't leave Tide Pods out where small kids can get them and consume them. That packaging is set up nowadays so a little kid shouldn't be able to open them anyway. If you know a teen that got sick from eating a Tide Pod, they're stupid and deserve that tummy ache. What the hell did you think was gonna happen biting into detergent?

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