Imagine being in a new country for the first time, like the guy in the video below visiting America.

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He was super excited to try everything American. But little did he know, his friends had a sneaky plan to surprise him.


His buddies, who were from Texas, wanted to give him a funny welcome to their state. So, they came up with a prank for their dinner at Texas Roadhouse, a famous restaurant.

They told him that to eat at Texas Roadhouse, someone had to dress like a cowboy. They even made up fake stories online to trick him.

He totally believed them and was nervous about who would have to dress up. But when they got to the restaurant, he realized it was all a joke. His friends couldn't stop laughing. They were all in on it, but the victom thought it was funny too.

Even though it was a prank, he had a great time at Texas Roadhouse, eating yummy food with his friends. He learned that the best part of America wasn't the tricks but the fun times with good friends and tasty food.

He thought It was a funny start to my trip and that he now has a cool story to tell when he gets back home.

So, even though he fell for the cowboy joke, it was just the beginning of his exciting adventure in America. Giddy up!

Check out the video below:

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