A former Balch Springs police officer was found guilty Tuesday of killing 15-year-old Jordan Edwards during a noise complaint call last year.

Roy Oliver was one of two officers who responded to a noise complaint in a Dallas suburb in April of 2017. While speaking to the host of the party, officers said they heard gunshots outside. Reports initially indicated that a vehicle driven by Jordan's older brother was aggressively backing up in the direction of the officers, which led to Oliver opening fire into the vehicle, striking Jordan in the head. However, this story was changed once Oliver's bodycam footage showed that the vehicle was driving away from the officers when Oliver began shooting. Charges of murder and aggravated assault by a public servant were immediately filed against Oliver and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Oliver testified that he had no choice but to fire at the vehicle carrying Jordan, saying he feared the vehicle was going to strike his partner. However, Officer Tyler Gross testified that he never believed he was in danger of being hit by the car. A video expert testified that the bodycam footage showed that all five shots fired by Oliver were after the vehicle had pulled past he and Gross. Prosecutor Michael Snipes argued that none of the shots fired by Oliver would have protected Gross.

Jurors had the option to find Oliver guilty of a lesser manslaughter charge, but ultimately chose find him guilty of murder, while finding him not guilty of the two assault charges. Testimonies will resume Wednesday for the sentencing portion of the trial, where Oliver could face a life sentence.

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