We will see if President Trump gives Joe a pardon.

About a month ago, we heard a reporter ask President Trump if he was aware of Joe Exotic. President Trump said “I know nothing about it." He went onto ask the reporter, “Do you think he did do it? Are you on his side? Are you recommending a pardon?” Nothing else has really come up about this pardon, except from Joe's legal team. Who are asking President Trump to take a look at this case.

They have driven a tour bus across the country spreading the word to 'Free Joe Exotic'. It left from right here in Texas and has driven all the way to our nation's capital. Lawyers for Joe Exotic claim he is not guilty of attempting to kill Carole Baskin and was instead framed.Exotic's lawyers are also appealing Joe's conviction and pursuing a malicious prosecution lawsuit against several people involved in his criminal trial.

I guess we just wait and see now what happens in the crazy story of 'The Tiger King' Joe Exotic.

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