I decided to check out the Wichita Theatre performance of Frozen Jr. and had a blast.

So my girlfriend has a kid that is obsessed with 'Frozen'. She could watch that movie every day and I think every kid has that movie in their lives. Mine was the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. So we saw some of the 'Frozen' characters at one of the Art Walks promoting their performance coming to the Wichita Theatre.

This past Saturday was the first time I could make it to a performance. So my girlfriend's daughter, dressed in her Anna costume was super excited. Don't worry, the majority of girls I saw were either dressed like Anna or Elsa. The Wichita Theatre does everything you would expect from a Frozen performance. 'Let it Go', Do You Want to Build a Snowman', and 'In Summer' were all performed.

I caught several people, including myself, singing along to some of those songs. The standouts from the show were the kid who played Kristoff. He definitely has a future in theatre, he just feels very comfortable on stage and definitely had some good jokes that the audience loved.

I was curious as to how the Wichita Theatre was going to do Elsa's frozen castle. They had this very impressive 'Frozen' staircase with projectors doing the rest of the work around the theatre. A very cool effect that showed what the Wichita Theatre can do bringing a Disney movie to life.


Finally, if you saw the Olaf the Snowman character around town, that is not how he is portrayed in the show. What you may have seen at the Art Walk is a character that would walk around a theme park. On stage, it is a little puppet that a kid controls. It honestly is pretty impressive.

This coming weekend is the final weekend of shows. If you have a kid that loves 'Frozen', go to this. They will love it. They have performances of 'The Little Mermaid' coming up next month and I will probably go check that out as well.

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