No need to take the kids to Six Flags back in the day when Funland was right around the corner.

Keep Scrolling to Check Out Rides at Funland

So I was scrolling through TikTok happened to stumble upon an old MSU fraternity enjoying the day at the old Wichita Falls amusement park, Funland. You only get to see them enjoying two rides. The hammerhead, which spins you around high in the air. Then the classic bumper cars. However, Funland was more than that.

Even Older Footage of Funland Back in the Day

In this video above, you can check out the one-mile canonball train, the hydraulic helicopter ride, a merry-go-round, plus a lot more.

Funland Was Not Always Funland

The original name for the park was Kiddieland when it opened in 1960. The park became a hot destination for birthdays because they had a covered patio area and a concession stand that the City of Wichita Falls itself used to operate to make some cash. That covered patio is actually still standing to this day.

Funland Now

Google Maps
Google Maps

If your kids have ever played at South Weeks Park, this site used to be home to Funland, just off of Southwest Parkway. Fun fact, when the park originally opened, Southwest Parkway was not even the name of the road, it was still FM 369. The park officially closed in 1999. The original owner passed away in 1995, but unable to find someone new to take the park. The rides just rusted away with no one investing in Funland. I have heard rumors that some rides were sold to another park in Texas called Neff's over in San Angelo. That one is also closed down now.

Could a small amusement park survive in Wichita Falls in 2024 like Funland? Someone will have to build it and see.

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