Looks like another business shut down due to the coronavirus, but maybe that isn't the only reason.

Gas Monkey Live had become a popular live music destination in Dallas. Sadly, it is being reported that Gas Monkey Live will be shutting down and merging with Gas Monkey Bar and Grill down the street. Gas Monkey live shut down in March due to the coronavirus and many suspected that was the reason for the closure.

According to former employees, that was a factor, but they were also having issues with the landlord of the property. These employees said the coronavirus just accelerated the closure. The company says they plan to renovate Gas Monkey Bar and Grill to allow for more guests. Gas Monkey Bar and Grill can currently hold 1,000 guests, while Gas Monkey Live could hold 3,000.

Gas Monkey Live opened in Dallas in 2014 and I am sure many people in Dallas will be sad to see it go. We will see how the renovation goes for the Bar and Grill location and I wish them the best. I know several live music venues are struggling right now and I am hoping they can start re-opening back up again.


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