When we take family vacations today a lot of us fly to our destination, but not all that long ago the preferred means of travel was by automobile. And one of the most famous roads in the United States was Route 66. In its heyday it ran uninterrupted from Chicago, Illinois, to Los Angeles, California. A large portion of what is sometimes called the "Mother Road" remains intact just to our North in Oklahoma and the Wichita County Heritage Society is planning a day trip to check part of it out.

The group will leave from the Kell House at the corner of 9th and Bluff, at 8:00 a.m., on Thursday, September 12th, and head up to Elk City Oklahoma. Once there you'll get a guided tour of several historic locations including the Beckham County courthouse, the Old Depot Museum, the National Route 66 Museum in Elk City and a few more spots before heading back to Wichita Falls. They estimate you'll be back around 6:30 or so that evening.

Courtesy Wichita County Heritage Society
Courtesy Wichita County Heritage Society

This trip is open to Wichita County Heritage Society members and non members for $70 or $80 respectively and that includes travel by bus, all admission charges, lunch, and snacks on the ride.

It's a great way to explore a little bit of motoring history that took place not too far from North Texas and not all that long ago.

Reservations are limited, so reach out to the Wichita County Heritage Society at 940-723-0623 now if you'd like to get YOUR kicks on a little bit of old Route 66.

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