What's that old saying? No good deed goes unpunished? This sweet young lady was concerned that a squirrel had fallen into their family's backyard pool and wanted to to help. At the urging of her mother she found a handy chair and used it as a tool to scoop the waterlogged critter to safety. Almost.


After stepping carefully into the pool she tentatively approached the rambunctious rodent, politely encouraging him to let her help him. As expected he squirrel-paddled away from her approach which then had her screaming, "Let me save you!"

At one point she actually manages to get the squirrel onto the outstretched back of the chair and carries him to what would have been safety on the far side of the pool ring.

That's when the squirrel did something we all expected but she didn't.

Red squirrel
Mr_Twister Thinkstock

Aw, man! She was ssssssoooooo close to rescuing the little guy!

The girl's mother says her daughter was slightly scratched but otherwise undaunted and returned later to successfully free the squirrel from his self imposed watery imprisonment.

It was an adventure neither of them are likely to forget any time soon.



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