Now that the sun is shining and the snow is melting and we've all had a chance to work on our winter driving skills, lets see how we stacked up.

According to a study published on, about three fourths of us experience some anxiety when faced with driving on snow. In this study 73% said they had some anxiety when driving in snow, sleet, or ice. Surprisingly the percentage was higher in the Northeast where they get snow every winter than it was down here in the Lone Star state where it's a rather uncommon occurrence. Then again, perhaps that's because we figure we won't have to.

Nearly a quarter, 23%, of the women surveyed said they were not at all confident with their ability to drive on snow. Only 8% of the guys answered that way. 58% of the men said that they were very confident when driving in snow. It's unclear whether that was legit, bravado, or false confidence.

48% of the participants said they didn't think they got a complete education when it comes to driving in winter roads with 35% saying they were unsure of what to do if their car begins to skid.

1 in every 3 participants said that they'd been involved in a winter weather related car accident and at least half of those participating said they'd gotten stuck in the snow before, with drivers in the Midwest coming in the highest at 69%. That's not surprising, those Midwestern winters are brutal.

And many admitted that they are usually not prepared for driving on snow or ice. 57% said they hadn't paid attention to their tires' tread depth for at least two months. 55% don't regularly check their tires' air pressure. And nearly a third said they regularly let their gas tank get lower than one quarter full.

When the rubber hits the snowflakes 73% of us said they reduce their anxiety by driving more slowly, 44% turn the music down so they can focus on what they're doing, 27% send off a quick prayer, 19% pull over to the side of the road, and 8% call on a friend or family member to come rescue them.

So, how'd you do? Have your winter driving skills improved in the last few days? Or are you ready to stay home and order delivery until there's not a speck of snow to be seen anywhere South of the Red River?

The study was conducted online this past January and involved 1,124 licensed drivers. You can see the full results on the site.

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