This guy probably thought he had some easy money coming his way, nothing is guaranteed.

I'm going to be 100% honest with you. I have no idea how sports betting works at all the casinos. I truly thought you had to get your bets in before kickoff. Turns out a guy placed a bet in the fourth quarter of the Falcons/Cowboys game on Sunday. Around seven minutes were left in the game and BetMGM said their odds on the in-game line was -3333 for the Falcons.

To make any kind of significant money at this point, you have to put up a lot of cash. BetMGM says they had a bet come in for $35,000 late in the fourth quarter for the Falcons to win. If this happens, they guy makes a profit of $1,050. At this point, we all know how this game ended and I'm sure this guy was sick to his stomach watching that onside kick.

According to Elias, via ESPN Stats and Info, NFL teams that scored 39 points with no turnovers were 440-0 since 1933. By the way, 1933 is the first year that the NFL starting keeping track of turnovers as a stat. I'm sure in history the Atlanta Falcons blowing the 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl will be more remembered. The guy that placed this bet though, will never forget this game.

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