When you think of the most famous Texans, Popeye does not come to mind for me. I didn't even know he was one. Turns out the spinach-loving sailor calls the Lone Star State home.

Happy 89th birthday to probably the most famous cartoon sailor. Sadly, I don't think today's kids would have a clue who in the heck Popeye is. Well, today I learned Popeye calls Texas home. To be exact, Victoria, Texas. On January 17, 1929 Popeye made his debut in the Victoria Advocate newspaper in a comic strip called 'Thimble Theatre'. Victoria was the first newspaper to run the Popeye strip.

Technically, no one met Popeye until that date. So it's his official birthday. Popeye actually showed some love to his hometown for their anniversary in a comic strip. For the newspaper's 88th anniversary, Popeye officially declared Victoria, Texas is hometown.

Credit to the Victoria Advocate
Credit to the Victoria Advocate

At the bottom of the cartoon, Popeye told the people of Victoria this.  "Please assept me hearties bes' wishes an' felitcitations on account of yer paper's 88th Anniversity....Victoria is me ol' home town on account of tha's where I got born'd at."

Well happy birthday to a fellow Texan, Popeye the Sailor Man. You look good for 89. Must be all that spinach.

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