Now that Thanksgiving is nothing but leftovers (How many ways are there to use leftover turkey, anyway?) it's time to move on to the next big holiday, Christmas. And Christmas has many, many traditions associated with it.

A lot of those traditions involve both parents and children so OnePoll, on behalf of the Christmas Tree Promotion Board conducted a survey to see just what the most popular parent-child holiday activities were.

At the top of the list was shopping for and wrapping the presents together. I'm sure it's fun for the child to know what the other people in the family are getting, and incredibly difficult for them to keep the secret. Maybe that's why the parents do it.

Next on the list was shopping for a Christmas tree. We usually had an artificial tree in our house, but I can imagine the excitement of going to the tree lot - or even better the tree farm - and picking out just the right tree, then taking it home to set it up and decorate it.

Decorating the tree together made their list, too. After making cookies and hanging stockings and watching Christmas movies.

Whether you use an artificial or real tree is entirely up to you, but the Christmas Tree Promotion Board remind you that your tree can be used as mulch after Christmas and the growers frequently plant two or three trees for each one that gets harvested.

You can see the full list of parent-child Christmas activities here.

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