Governor Abbott has authorized hair salons in Texas to reopen soon, but if you can't wait there's always the do it yourself method. Just don't expect salon quality results.

This couple decided things had gone on long enough and took matters into their own hands. With an electric trimmer that was probably purchased to maintain his beard, a mixing bowl borrowed from the kitchen, and probably a little bit of alcohol they sat down in the back yard and gave it a go.

The results were ... interesting.

At least he still has both of his ears. Suddenly paying someone else to cut your shaggy mane doesn't seem so silly after all. Not sure how long he's going to keep this Three Stooges look, but if he's spending all his time at home it may stay this way for a few days.

Then again, having a haircut that makes you look like one of the Three Stooges has to be better than having your hair done by the Three Stooges.

Surely there's a YouTube video tutorial or two on home hair cuts, there are tutorials for everything else.

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