Imagine going up to the casket and not recognizing the body.

Over in San Antonio, a family is suing a funeral home for losing their grandmother's body. The family says last Friday they went to a rosary service at Castillo Mission Funeral Home. When the family arrived a different woman was in the casket.

“As soon as we approached the casket and we viewed her, right away, we all knew it was not her,” Irene Blanco said. “Her face, everything, was just completely different. There was no way it was her.” Irene went up to the funeral director to ask what happened to her grandmother. The funeral director asked if she had any identifiable marks.

Irene's grandmother had a hip replacement and the woman in the casket had no scar to indicate a surgery near her hip. “So it is 100% guarantee that that is not our grandmother,” Blanco said. Here is where things go from bad to worse. They have no idea where her grandmother is and they also have no idea who that woman in the casket is.

The family is now suing the funeral home and trying to locate their grandmother's body. “This should not happen. Not to any family, not to just us, not to anybody,” Blanco said. “We trust them with our grandmother, with our loved one, with a day that she passed and they should be able to tell us where she is.”

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