This November, America will elect our next president. Will it be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? Could a 3rd Party Candidate like Gary Johnson or Jill Stein make a splash? Will the Bernie Bros stop trying to vote for him when he's already said not to?

If you are tired of hearing these things, then this may be the video you need to watch. While some people are sharing their political thoughts and fears all over social media, others just want their Facebook feed to go back to how it used to be.

Pictures of food, funny memes, sports teams, cat videos, and random online rumors: If that's what you want to see on your news feed instead of random political arguments, this may be the video for you. Check out this advice from GottaBeMobile and Make Facebook Great Again!

This #Lifehack does involve installing an add-on to your internet browser, and unfortunately doesn't work on mobile devices. Still, if you want to sit at your computer and not have to see the battles between Trump and Hillary supporters, this may be the right thing for you.

There's a lot of time between now and election day in November. Can you stay friends with half the people you 'know' on Facebook between now and then if they are sharing their political beliefs?

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