Whether you remember him from Knight Rider, Baywatch, or any of the other countless shows and films he's been a part of almost everyone knows who David Hasselhoff is. Lately he's been starring in several campy, over the top commercials.

His latest commercial is for Pluto TV. How much does it cost? As The Hoff says, "It's Free Ninety FREE!"

What makes this commercial interesting, to me anyway, is the fact that David Hasselhoff not only plays himself in the ad, he also plays every other character. Nine in all. Why? Because he's The Hoff.

Wowzers. That's nine David Hasselhoffs in just over a minute and a half.

According to MuseByClio the whole thing was shot on one set with rooms built so The Hoff could just walk from one into the other without a break. No green screens here!

The original idea was to have David be the host and cast eight other actors or actresses for the other parts. But The Hoff had a different idea. He'd play them all. The whole multi-Hoff idea also played well in this world of COVID-19 as there were that many fewer people involved.

Those costume and makeup sessions must have been a hoot.

This isn't his first goofy commercial either, he did an ad for Fuser earlier this year.

Yes, that was actually DJ Diplo getting flamed by The Hoff.

With a career that involves acting, producing, singing, and generally being a living legend, it's fun to see David Hasselhoff having some fun playing himself. And himself, and himself, and ... Well, you get the idea.

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