Got a library book sitting at the house? Be sure you turn that thing in on time.

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We all know the rules of having a library card. They let you check out some books, as long as you agree to turn them back in at a future date. If you don't, you get fined. Pretty simple stuff, well Texas mother Kalee Morgan had an issue with returning one of her books. One of the books her husband went to return was a rather large book that would not fit in the overnight drop box. He returned it late once the library was open, but the family thought it was all good until this happened.

Warrant Out for Kalee Morgan Over a Library Book

Kaylee recently went to her local DMV to renew her drivers license. She was informed that could not happen since she had a warrant out for her arrest. She thought it was some sort of mistake, but no. Kaylee was wanted for failing to return a library book and at this time had racked up $600 in fines. Kaylee had not been receiving notices about the fines since she had moved away from Navasota where she had taken the book from originally.

Texas Judge Throws the Book at Kaylee

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You would think a judge would be sympathetic in this situation. You would think they would be willing to allow Kaylee to purchase a new book for the library and call it all even over a simple mistake. Nope, the mother of five has been ordered to pay the $600 fine in full for the late library book. Kaylee plans to sue over the whole misunderstanding. You can get more info on her Go Fund Me page.

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