The former Dallas Cowboy legend is has taken his football knowledge to the high school football level and is dominating this year.

January 27, 2021 Jason Witten Officially Retires as a Dallas Cowboy

Jason Witten had an interesting end to his NFL career. You may remember in 2018, he was calling games on ESPN for Monday Night Football. Then in 2019, came back to our Dallas Cowboys for one more run and we thought that was it. People tend to forget that one 2020 season where Jason Witten was a Las Vegas Raider.

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Seeing the 82 in silver and black was just wrong. Like seeing Emmitt Smith in that Cardinals red, it sort of hurts your soul as a Cowboys fan. However, Jason would officially retire as a Dallas Cowboy after that season and ever since then. Still has not given up his love of football.

Jason Witten Now Coaches Liberty Christian in Argyle, Texas

This school was not some sort of football powerhouse in North Texas before Jason got there. Over the past decade before Jason Witten took over in 2021, they were just an average football team. Either a losing season or just over .500 record for several years. Don't get me wrong, Witten's first season was not good in 2021, finishing with a 2-8 record. However this year, Liberty Christian is currently 12-0 after a pretty dominating playoff win on Friday night.

Jason Witten Actually Coaches His Own Sons

Pictured above is Jason's son CJ who is currently a junior on the team and did not follow in his father's footsteps. CJ actually plays on defense. He's a middle linebacker he leads the team in total tackles (64), tackles for loss (9), and sacks (5). Meanwhile Jason's other son Cooper is a freshmen on the team...also playing on the defense. He plays corner and as freshmen currently has two interceptions, two forced fumbles, and three blocked field goals.

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I guess these guys saw their Dad take a lot of hits in his career and decided they wanted to be the ones doing the hitting in their football careers. We will see how far Liberty Christian goes in the playoffs this year with Witten as their coach. The last time Liberty Christian had 12 wins in a season (2007) they won a state championship.

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