Sad news for a Texas family as a small child died after injuries sustained during a football game.

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The Southwest Football League operates in Houston, Texas. They offer flag and also seven on seven tackle football for kids from first to eighth grade in the Houston area. Sadly a middle school child by the name of Cain Lee was injured in a play during last week's game. Not a lot of details have been released, but we do know it was a brain injury that required surgery. Sadly, Cain passed away while he was in a coma after his surgery.

Video of Cain's Team Below

Cain was on team called the Shamrocks which is for seventh and eighth grade students to join. The league has not released any statements on social media, but a letter was sent out to parents that was obtained by ABC 13 in Houston. "Our hearts go to the family during this unimaginable tragedy," the organization said in a letter to parents.

Cain's Baseball Team Shares a Statement on His Passing

Looks like Cain was a member of the Professional Baseball Academy as well. He was a member of the Stars under 14 team. They shared a very heartfelt message about Cain and I am not sure why something similar is not being shared by the Southwest Football League. Apparently in the league's letter to the families, a moment of silence will be observed before every game the remainder of the season in memory of Cain.

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